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Dr Milton “Mickey” Mintz of Dover came out of retirement to open his “Doc in a Car “ practice. He did this to help the many elderly, infirmed people who had difficulty getting from their homes to doctors’ offices, where they often had long waiting times - Morris County has over 9,000 people over the age of 86. Doctor Mintz wondered out loud many times, “We in medicine have developed and done many wonderful things that contributed to advancing the age limits, but seem to have forgotten that these people deserve better care when they are unable to travel to their physicians’ offices”

The practice covers Morris County, where Dr Mintz works 6-7 days a week covering over 1,000 miles of driving a year. He sees between 20-30 patients a week—his fees are covered by Medicare + copays. He quotes his younger brother, an endocrinologist from U. of Miami, who told him “Mick it’s give-back time”- An article in the Newark Star Ledger (which can be googled), had a reporter say,” Mintz loves driving the back road of northern New Jersey, which is good because he drives slow enough to make him dangerous on route 80. He is completely comfortable in his car with his medical bag, computer in the back seat, and Beethoven, Springsteen & Willy Nelson on his CD player.

Doctor Mintz opened his practice in Dover with his wife Joan running his office. He was a staff member at Dover General Hospital and at St. Clare’s Hospital. Joan and he raised three children, two of whom became physicians, and his daughter, a New York City school teacher. Dr Bruce Mintz is a vascular internist, his wife Barbara an obstetrician. The Mintzs’ son-in-law is a PhD. college professor. The younger son, Mitchell Mintz M.D., is going to be practicing acupuncture in the Dover area.

The Mintz couple has six grandchildren - two medical students, one law student, two college students (another budding physician), and a granddaughter who is a promising playwright at the U. of North Carolina. When not working, the Mintz family spends most of its time basking in the accomplishments of their children.

Dr. Mintz was Medical Director for several casinos in Atlantic City for 16 years. Among his honors is the Hero Award from the Russell Berrie Foundation for his care of the elderly. He was chosen as Physician of the Year by his medical association, the NJAOA, and the Visiting Nurse Association of North Jersey- He is now a medical director of the VNA Hospice.

Services Provided:

His services are limited to care of the elderly & those others that are confined to their homes & unable to get to their physicians offices

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